Loan Resolution with Integrity

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Leatherman Law Group helps borrowers resolve mortgage loan issues. Our primary focus is on seeking modification of the first position loan by the bank, although we also can negotiate a modification, or even a settlement, on certain second position mortgages.



  • Are behind or soon will be behind in your mortgage payments
  • Recently received a Notice of Default on your property
  • Know your mortgage will adjust upward in the near future
  • Have a "pick-a-pay" Option ARM
  • Have a home that is severely upside down (It's worth far less than the mortgage amount)
  • Have experienced a hardship that makes it difficult to make full mortgage payments right now



  • Modification of first or second position loans on primary residence or investment properties
  • Settlement of some second position loans
  • Foreclosure prevention
  • Analysis to help you determine your best options - perhaps bankruptcy or a short sale would be better for your financial situation
  • Assistance with development of a crisis budget and an action plan